What is a Capsula?
We use the word “capsula” (capsule) to describe every event that we produce.
Each of which is special, exclusive and unlike anything else.
What does the Capsula contain?
Every Capsula is made up of a creative concept, set in a unique location in Italy, surrounded by an assortment of colorful local experiences.
Each Capsula is suited specially for you
Together we choose the landscape for your special event: a luxurious villa or an authentic piazza, an enchanted forest or an intimate beach location, an ancient synagogue or a rustic farmhouse.

Over the years we have gathered many “local secrets,” and we share these secrets with you to bring a special magic to your event.

Once you have decided on the setting we bring it to life.
We track down the local culinary specialties, local musicians, designers, styling, activities, transportation and accommodation that will transform your event into a complete and special experience.

A Capsula from A to Z
We’ll take care of all of the production details – large or small, so you can enjoy your most special moments with your guests, as one of them - carefree & festive.